Sale Report: 11 Mar 2011 Store & Breeding Stock inc Pedigree Limousins

At Cockermouth on Friday 11th March, Mitchell’s held its fortnightly sale of Store Cattle, Feeding Cows, Calves and Stirks where a great entry of 706 head were forward. Also on this day the Second Annual Spring Sale of Pedigree Limousin Bulls and Females, where a quality entry of 54 head went under the hammer. Store cattle met late high rates for all classes and sizes.

Store Steers
1,045 Stoneyhowe; 985, 975 East Farm; 940 (x6) Croft House
Aberdeen Angus
1,000 Hilltop
Belgian Blue
975 Kelmore Hills; 925 New Grange
945 Dubbs Farm
845 Mossergate
785 Scalesmoor
775 Hayescastle
Black & White
650 Low Thorney

Store Heifers
945 Whinns Farm; 885 High Nook; 870 Stoneyhowe; 865 Greenlands
Belgian Blue
875 Annaside; 815 New Garnge
Blonde D’Aquitaine
780 Easthwaite; 770 Chapel House
645 Hayescastle

Store Bulls
Belgian Blue
1,000 Fell End
935 Greenlands
Blonde D’Aquitaine
675 Lowthwaite

Feeding Cows
905 East Farm; 835 Low Moorend
825 Waterloo
Belgian Blue
800 Woodend; 795 Hyton Farm

Once again Dairy Cattle were well in demand.

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Heifers in Milk
1,750 Byresteads
Dairy Heifers in Calf
1,300 Byresteads
Dairy Cows in Milk
1,680 Wellington Farm

Belgian Blue Bulls
270 Barnyard
Belgian Blue Heifers
225 Aikbank
Limousin Heifers
215 Fairladies

Black & White
Fleming Hall
265 Fleming Hall

Pedigree Limousin Sale

On Friday 11th March Mitchell’s held its Second Annual Sale of Pedigree Limousin Bulls and Females where 54 head were forward for sale sponsored by Robinson & Co. Accountants, Workington.

A massive crowd gathered to see a quality entry of both bulls and females, with interest very strong. Topping the bulls was Terrace Excalibur from Ian Armstrong, Terrace Farm, Lorton. This August 2009 bull by Marascote Benny sold at 5,000 guineas to Thomas Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton.

Topping the heifers was a marvellous heifer from Mark Harryman, Keskadale, Keswick, whose August 2009 Linarn Unique sired animal sold at 4,000 guineas to Stephen Milligan. Keskadales tremendous run of heifers averaged 2,018 guineas.

Keskadale ExcessTerrace Excalibur

Top prices (Guineas)

5,000 Terrace Farm; 2,500 East House; 2,100 (x2) Haltcliffe; 2,100 Bailea; 1,800 Setmabanning; 1,500 Prospect House

4,000, 2,100, 1,900 Keskadale; 1,400 Setmabanning

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