Sale Report: 28th August 2017 – Whiteley Hey Production Sale

On Monday 28th August 2017 the annual production sale on behalf of the Whiteley Hey Flock of Mr Paul Slater was held at North West Auctions, Junction 36 Rural Auction Centre, Kendal in conjunction with Mitchells Auction Company, Cockermouth.

The 16th annual sale was once again a tremendous success with the stock as ever a credit to Paul Slater and his team.

There were buyers forward from across the UK and headed as far South as Hereford and West Sussex and as far North as Aberdeenshire. Repeat customers gave a very strong foundation for the sale showing the faith stocksmen have in the genuine sheep shown before them. The leading price of the day was for lot 27 a Beltex x Texel which sold to repeat buyers WH Brass, Lowrow Farm, Penrith for 2000gns. He is sired by the “Culsh” ram purchased from J & J McLean and has a tremendous skin and carcase with a deep gigot and strength through the loin.

Following closley behind in trade at 1900gns was lot 3 which also sold to another repeat customer AN & A Jelly, Chisnall Brow Farm, Chorley. A powerful pure Texel he has strength and scope like his sire the £9000 Scrogtonhead ram

Charollais x Beltex rams peaked at 900gns for lot 72 who heads to RE & J Roberts, Penyrorsedd Farm, Anglesey. The slighter bone of the Charollais combined with the superb carcase of the Beltex makes the cross a great choice for lambing ease with a growing in demand evident.

The females did not disapoint and were definatly in demand especially for the naturally fleshy ¾ Beletex ¼ Texels. It was a sparky faced pair of ¾ Beletex ¼ Texel shearlings that lead the female section at £620 per head, they have great width throughout and sold to CR & FL Swinnerton, Lipley Villa Farm, Market Drayton. There sire the 10,000 gns Ardstewart Swagger Jagger ram purchased in 2013 and has consistantly breed leading prices in the Whiteley Hey production sales.

The first lot in the ring a pair of pure texel 2 shear ewes lead the mature ewe section at £420 and sold to an undisclosed purchaser. They were also sired by one of the flocks most consitany breeding rams the £8000 Kelso 2012 purchase from M/s Grey, Langside.

The ewe lambs topped at £210 for a pair of ¾ Texel ¼ Beltex that were purchased by M Bindloss & Son, Shap Abbey, Penrith the pair demonstrated the quick growth and tight skins the Whiteley Hey flock prides themselves on. The pair are sired by the 2014 premier show & sale champion Artnagullion Tinky Winky.

Once again a great consignment of black ewes and rams were easily sold with females peaking at £360 per head for a pair of gimmer shearlings which sold to I Lammie, Long House Farm Cumnock with rams topping at 600gns to M/s Parkin, Home Farm, Maryport.



150 rams £774.20

80 2 & 3 shear ewes – £273.81

120 Shearling gimmers – £281.05

200 Ewe lambs – £158.02


Leading prices


Beltex- 2000gns, 1800, 1400, 1300, 1250, 1100, 1000(x2), 950.

Texel – 1900, 1700, 1400, 1300, 1200, 1150, 1000(x2), 950, 900(x4)

Charollais – 900, 850, 800.


2 & 3 shear ewes

Texel – 420, 380(x2), 340, 260(x2)

Beltex – 400, 350, 300, 270(x2), 260

Charollias- 240(x2), 220, 200

Black Beltex – 200(x2)


Shearling Gimmers

Beltex – 620, 320, 300(x4), 290, 280, 270, 260(x3), 250(x2)

Texel – 450, 420, 300, 280, 270(x2), 260(x4).

Black Beltex – 360, 310(x2).

Charollais – 270, 260, 220, 210, 200


Gimmer Lambs

Texel – 210, 200, 190, 180, 170(x3), 160(x3), 150

Beltex – 180(x3), 170(x3), 160(x4), 150(x2)

Black Beltex – 200, 170, 160, 155.

Charollais – 190, 180, 170, 160(x2)

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