Sale Report: 2nd October 2017 Swaledale Draft Ewes, Shearlings & Gimmer lambs

On Monday 2nd October Mitchells Auction held its Annual Prize Show and Sale of 3822 Swaledale breeding sheep. The sale was kindly sponsored by David Allen Accountants and the NFU Mutual.

The pre-sale show competing for the Willy Gill Trophy was judged by Mr Jeff Smith who had 17 wonderful pens forward. He awarded the overall Championship to Messrs Cockbain & Sons, Rakefoot with their pen of 2 crop ewes which later sold for the top price of the day £195 and were purchased by the judge. The sale was supported by a good covering of buyers. Although they were more selective in choosing their pens to bid for hence top quality ewes were similar on the year. More commercial types were slightly easier on the year and harder to cash.

Gimmer shearlings and ewe lambs were still the choice trade in Mitchells this year again.

Show Results


1st           Messrs Cockbain, Rakefoot        Sold for £195

2nd          Messrs Folder, Wescoe Farm     Sold for £175

3rd          GL Hutton, Setmabanning           Sold for £140

Shearling Gimmers

1st           A Hartley, Turner Hall Farm       Sold for £172

2nd          GL Hutton, Setmabanning           Sold for £125

3rd          L Sibson, Hole House                   Sold for £108

Gimmer Lambs

1st           M & GC Graham, Lanefoot          Sold for £66




L-R – Mr J Smith (Judge), E Pigg, S Priestley (Sponsors David Allen Accountants), Mr J Cosker (Sponsors NFU), Mr W Cockbain (Vendor) and K Bird (Sponsors NFU).

Leading Prices

Ewes (£ per head):- 195, 160, 102, 100 Rakefoot, 175, 120, 108(x2), 100 Wescoe Farm, 158, 102, 100(x2) How Hall, 148, 110 Low Kinmont, 140, 125, 102 Setmabanning, 130, 115, 112(x2), 100 High Beckside, 108 Undercragg, 100 Hill Top Farm.

Shearlings (£ per head):- 172, 140, 132, 110 Turner Hall Farm, 148 Far End Farm, 132, 112, 105 The Cottage, 130 Lane Foot, 130(x2) High Nook, 128 Burnside, 125, 100 Setmabanning, 110, 105 Far End Farm, 108, 100 Hole House, 102 Stanley Terrace, 102 Smaithwaite.

Gimmer Lambs (£ per head):- Ewe lambs – 68 Smaithwaite, 67, 63 Burblethwaite, 66 Lanefoot, 64 Baggra Yeat, 62, 60, 52, 50 Wood Hall, 61, 55 High Beckside, 50 Setmabanning.




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