Sale Report: 3 Dec 2012 Christmas Fatstock Show

Skelton Family Do The Fatstock Show Double

On Monday Mitchells Auction held their annual Christmas Fatstock show and sale.

A marvellous entry of 75 butchers cattle and 380 butchers lambs were forward to a very well supported ringside of buyers.

The cattle section was judged by Mr John Little who is the main buyer for Lancaster Meats, he was presented with a great show of cattle in all 12 classes. He eventually awarded the Overall Champion to the Champion Heifer a 680 kilo Limousin from Len Skelton, Low House Farm which later sold at 340 pence per kilo £2312 to Tony Harrison, Main Street, Cockermouth for use in his butchers shop and his restaurant The Greyhound Inn, Bromfield. Mr Skelton received the Mitchells Silver Challenge Cup along with £400 for his Champion animal along with a special prize of £500 donated by Mitchells. The special prize is for a heifer or steer which has been purchased through a sale at Mitchells and going on to win the Supreme Champion at the Christmas Fatstock Show.

The Reserve Champion was also awarded to Len Skelton with another Limousin heifer which weighed in at 630 kilo and sold for 310 pence £1953 this one being purchased by Andrew Willis of Wilson Willis Butchers, Cleator Moor. Mr Skelton also won the Supreme Champion and Reserve prizes last year with a pair of Limousins, this year’s run of 10 heifers sold to average an outstanding 617 kilos 270 pence £1671.18.

The Reserve Champion heifer rosette was awarded to J Crichton, Loughrigg whose 655 kilo Limousin sold to Anthony Dalzell of Haighs Butchers for 332 pence per kilo. Mr Crichton run of 7 cattle averaged 698 kilos 249.62 pence.

Taking the Steer championship was M/s Sowerby, Terrys Farm with a 570 kilo Limousin which later sold to Wilson Willis Butchers for 280 pence per kilo.

The prime cattle sale was a resounding success with no fewer than 11 local butchers and many wholesale buyers in attendance resulted in an overall sale average of 248 pence per kilo.

Prize Winners

Limousin Steer Haltered

1st M/s Sowerby, Terrys Farm – 570kg 280p to Wilson Willis Butchers

Limousin Heifer Haltered

1st L Skelton, Low House Farm – 680kg 340p to Tony Harrison Butchers

2nd L Skelton, Low House Farm – 630kg 310p to Wilson Willis Butchers

British Blue Heifer Haltered

1st L Skelton, Low House Farm – 580kg 288p to W Lindsay Butchers

Limousin Steer Unhaltered

1st J Lawson, Kirkland Green – 690kg 230p to L Fell

2nd J Watson, Outgang Farm – 632kg 232.5p to R Wilson Butchers, Egremont

3rd J Crichton, Loughrigg – 706kg 243.5p to R Wilson Butchers, Egremont

Limousin Heifer Unhaltered

1st P & P Walker, Beechcroft – 552kg 268p to R Wilson Butchers, Egremont

2nd J Lawson, Kirkland Green – 665kg 253.5p to W Lindsays Butchers

3rd L Skelton, Low House Farm – 680kg 280p to W Lindsays Butchers

British Blue Steer Unhaltered

1st B Whitfield, Low Stowbank – 630kg 229.5 to L Fell

British Blue Heifer Unhaltered

1st J Crichton, Loughrigg – 655kg 332p to Haighs Butchers

2nd J Lawson, Kirkland Green – 680kg 240.5p to M Wharton

3rd L Skelton, Low House Farm – 620kg 247.5p to J Little

Any other Continental Steer

1st J Crichton, Loughrigg – 679kg 227.5p to L Fell

2nd H Gate, Hollins Farm – 935kg 180p to L Fell

3rd J Bowe, Hunday Farm – 605kg 237.5p to Haighs Butchers

Any other Continental Heifer

1st L Skelton, Low House Farm – 540kg 260p to M/s Riley

2nd RE Miller, West Farm – 671kg 239.5p to Haighs Butchers

3rd J Bowe, Hunday Farm – 668kg 221.5p to Tony Harrison Butchers

Steer Champion – M/s Sowerby, Terrys Farm

Reserve Steer Champion – J Lawson, Kirkland Green

Heifer Champion – L Skelton, Low House Farm

Reserve Heifer champion – J Crichton, Loughrigg

Grand Champion -L Skelton, Low House Farm

Judge John Little awarded the Championship to Len Skelton

Reserve Grand Champion -L Skelton, Low House Farm             

Top Prices

Heifer( £ per Head): Limousin – 2312, 1958.40, 1953, 1700 Low House Farm, 1756.90 Loughrigg. British Blue – 2174.60 Loughrigg, 1635.40 Kirkland Green, 1591.25, 1531.88 Beechcroft, 1566, 1534.50 Low House Farm. Charolais – 1613.39 Loughrigg, 1607.05 West Farm.

Steer ( £ per Head): Limousin – 1719.14, 1719.11 Loughrigg. Charolais – 1683 Hollins.

Heifer (pence per kilo): Limousin – 340, 310, 288, 250 Low House Farm, 268 Beechcroft. 253.5, 251.5 Kirkland Green, 252.5 East House, 250 West Farm, 248.5, 246.5 Loughrigg, 248.5 Outgang Farm. British Blue – 332 Loughrigg, 270, 260, 250.5, 247.5, 240 Low House Farm, 240.5 Kirkland Green. Charolais – 239.5 West Farm, 229.5 Loughrigg

Steer (pence per kilo): Limousin – 280 Terrys Farm, 243.5 Loughrigg, 237.5 Hunday Farm, 232.5 Outgang Farm, 230 Kirkland Green, 226.5 Loughrigg. Charolais – 237.5 Hunday Farm. British Blue – 229.5 Low Stowbank.

In the sheep section judge James Thompson had forward no fewer than 95 pens of lambs. He awarded this year’s championship to Bill Skelton of Rook Farm for his pair of outstanding Beltex lambs which later sold for £152 per head (361.9p/kg) to Wilson Willis Butcher, Cleator Moor.

Neil Marston, Millstone Moor took home the Reserve Champion rosette for his pair of Texel lambs which were later purchased by R Wilson Butchers, Egremont for £108 per head.

A strongly contested young handlers class saw Adam Brown of Park House coming out on top. His Beltex lamb sold at 50 kilos £130 to David Paisley Butchers, Wigton.

Prize Winners

Pair of Texels

1st N Marston, Millstone Moor – 48kg £108 to R Wilson Butchers

2nd W Skelton, Rook Farm – 45kg £97 to M/s Riley

3rd JA & CM Brown, Park House – 42kg £94 to Vivers Scot Lamb

Pair of Beltex

1st W Skelton, Rook Farm – 42kg £152 to Wilson Willis Butchers

2nd WS Jackson, Nook Farm – 42kg £96 to Vivers Scot Lamb

3rd JA & CM Brown, Park House – 43kg £104 to Vivers Scot Lamb

Pair of Any other Continental

1st AW Bell, Fitz Farm – 45kg £100 to R Wilson Butchers

2nd AW Bell, Fitz Farm – 46kg £96 to R Wilson Butchers

3rd A & C Watson, Byresteads Farm – 43kg £75 to S Stoddart

Pen of 5 Suffolks

1st J Brough, Clappers – 47kg £72 to R Skelton

2nd G Hogg, Winscales – 53kg £74 to M/s Riley

3rd J Brough, Clappers 57kg ££75 to R Skelton

Pen of 5 Mules

1st TW Bell, Hilltop – 45kg £67.50 to R Skelton

2nd A Fearon, Kirkland Howe – 45kg £68.50 to Dunbia

3rd TW Bell, Hilltop – 46kg £66.50 to R Skelton

Pen of 5 Swaledale or Blackfaced

1st GM Sibson, Burnside – 38kg £49 to R Skelton

2nd R & J Emmott, Wythop Hall – 40kg £51 to Dunbia

3rd R & J Emmott, Wythop Hall – 38kg £49 to Dunbia

Pen of 5 Herdwick

1st D & J Wilson, Anns Cottage – 41kg £63.50 to M/s Taylforth

2nd WS Jackson, Nook Farm – 36kg £55 to M/s Taylforth

3rd D Richardson, Howegill – 36kg £57.50 to M/s Taylforth

Pen of 5 Cont x lambs out of Hill Ewes

1st D Richardson, Howegill – 46kg £69 to Dunbia

2nd G Hogg, Winscales – 44kg £68 to Dunbia

Young Handlers Single Lamb

1st Adam Brown, Parkhouse – 50kg £130 to D Paisley

2nd Charlotte Elliot, Bankhouse – 53kg £124 to G Little

3rd Declan Harrison, Beck Farm – 46kg to £108 to Tony Harrison

Champion – W Skelton

Bill Skeltons Champion pair of Lambs with the judge James Thompson

 Reserve Champion – NC Marston

 Top Prices

 Lambs (pence per kilo): Beltex – 361.9 Rook Farm, 272.5 Dundraw (R Harrison), 260 Parkhouse (A Brown), 257.5 West Farm, 256.8, 250 Millstone Moor, 250 Slatefell, 245.7 Dundraw Farm (J Harrison), 241.9 Parkhouse. Texel – 248 Low Garth, 234.8 Beck Farm (D Harrison), 232.7 Cragg Side, 223.8 Parkhouse, 221.3 East Farm, 220.4 Millstone Moor. Charolais – 222.2 Fitz Farm. Suffolk – 204.2 Westray (H Hird). Bleu D’Maine – 174.4 Byresteads. Herdwick – 159.7 Howe Gill Farm. Texel x Herdwick – 154.5 Winscales. Mule – 152.5 Burnside, 152.2 Kirkland House, 150 Hill Top Farm. Swaledale – 128.9 Burnside.

Lambs (pounds per head): Beltex – 152 Rook Farm, 130 Parkhouse (A Brown), 124 Bank House, 110 Fitz Farm, 109 Dundraw (R Harrison), 103 West Farm. Texel – 114 Cragg Side, 110 Parkhouse, 109 Low Garth, 108 Millstone Moor, 108 Beck Farm (D Harrison) 105 Hollins Farm, 98, 96 Grange Farm, 97 Rook Farm, 96 Cragg Side. Charollais – 100 Fitz Farm. Suffolk – 98 Westray (H Hird), 75 Westray (T Hird), 75 Clappers, 74 Winscales. Bleu D Maine – 90 Byresteads. Mule- 72.50 Beechcroft. Texel x Herdwick – 69 Howe Gill, 68 Winscales, 67.50 Grange Farm. Herdwick – 63.50 Anns Cottage. Swaledale – 51 Wythop Hall.

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