Sale Report: 9th October 2017 – Swaledale ram show & sale

On Monday 9th October 2017 Mitchells Auction Co, Cockermouth held the annual show & sale of Swaledale rams which was kindly sponsored by J Edgar & Son, Rowrah and judged by Jack Cartmel & Rachel Scrimgeour. Champion

With 3 strong classes of rams brought before them Jack & Rachel selected there 1st prize shearling as champion, the classy young ram was exhibited by S Hardisty & Son How Hall and later sold for £700 to S Robinson, Bridge End. The pair selected the aged ram from J Ritson, Baggra Yeat as the reserve champion of the show which sold for £1200 to RJ & AY Armstrong, Terrace Farm.



Never before has this sale seen such a quality entry of rams with prices being a reflection of the standard offered. Leading a great sale was Mrs Mary Brough, Chapel House with the second prize shearling ram which saw a fast bidding to find a new home with JJ Hope, Branthwaite Farm for £2200.


Prize winners

Shearling Rams

1st        S Hardisty & Son, How Hall                                 Sold for £700

2nd       M Brough, Chapel House                                     Sold for £2200

3rd       M Brough, Chapel House                                      Sold for £1700


2 Shear Rams                                                                                                  

1st        RW & JH Emmott, Wythop Hall                        Sold for £300

2nd       J Ritson, Baggra Yeat                                           Sold for £850

3rd       J Rusch, Broad Ecton Farm                                 Sold for £200


Aged Ram

1st        J Ritson, Baggar Yeat                                             Sold for £1200

2nd       J & K Meadley, High Bewaldeth                          Sold for £620

3rd       S Hardisty & Son, How Hall                                  Sold for £300


Leading Priced Swaledale Rams

2200, 1700, 1100, 900 Chapel House,

1450 High Beckside,

1200, 850 Baggra Yeat,

800 Beechcroft,

700 How Hall.


A small entry of breeding ewes saw a pen of 10 Swaledale ewes from Broad Ecton Farm Partners topping female trade at £110 per head.


Breeding Ewes-

Swaledale- 110 Broad Ecton Farm Partners, 36 Muncaster Head, 33 Wilkinsyke. Texel- 80, 70, 68 Seatoller, 56 High Bewaldeth, 49 Rannerdale, 43 Riverside. Mule- 50 High Bewaldeth. Herdwick- 42, 25 Thirlspot, 33, 32, 29 Row Head, 32, 20 Harrow Head, 25, 22 West Head, 20 Wilkinsyke. Other- 41 Rannerdale. Cheviot- 39 Rannerdale. Texel x Herdwick- 38 Riverside. Scotch Black Face- 31 Wilkinsyke Farm.


Gimmer Lambs-

Mule- 89, 70 Holme Wood. Texel- 62 High Bewaldeth, 51 Wright Green, 39, 49 Spring Bank.

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