Sale Report: Christmas Primestock Sale Monday 27th November 2017

On Monday 27th November, Mitchells Livestock Auctioneers & Valuers held their Christmas Prize Show and Sale of 66 prime cattle and 300 prime lambs.

Thanks must firstly go to our Sponsors & Judges for this event. Judges for the evening were the father and son team of David and Chris Wright, Boston, Lincs whom were commended by all involved for their professionalism . Sponsoring the evening were Armstrong Watson Accountants, Bluefin Insurance and Carrs Billington Agriculture, Cockermouth, Hundith Hill Hotel and Lloyds Volvo.

David Wright stepped forward to have the honoured roll of judging the cattle section. Some outstanding classes both for shape, correctness and flesh, David awarded the heavy heifer owned by AE & VJ Errington, Beckhouse Farm, Embleton Cockermouth a home bred Limousin cross heifer weighing 668kg. The Championship receiving £400 prize monies, the Mitchells Silver Challenge Cup and the North West Limousin Silver Salver “Sired by a Limousin”. She later sold for 370 pence per kilo (£2382.80) purchased by B & T Kitson Ltd, Hutton Rugby, North Yorkshire.

Reserve Champion was another outstanding animal. The first prize light weight Limousin heifer owner bred and shown by KD Harryman, Keskadale, Newlands. She weighed 558kg and made 380 pence per kilo (£2120.40) purchased by Messrs J White, Lunedale.

Many more cattle caught the eyes of a huge ringside of local and distance buyers. Resulting in what was seen to be an outstanding trade throughout amongst an electric atmosphere.

Prize Winners

Limousin Steer Haltered-

1st                 GW Whitfield & Sons, Low Stowbank         290p (£1798.00)

Limousin Steer Unhaltered-

1st           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                           242p (£1679.48)

2nd          JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                           258p (£1651.20)

3rd           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                          252p (£1784.16)

Limousin Heifer Unhaltered(up to 600kg)-

1st           KD Harryman, Keskadale                       380p (£2120.40)

2nd          KD Harryman, Keskadale                       320p (£1753.60)

3rd           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                           320p (£1856.00)

Limousin Heifer Unhaltered(601-650kg)-

1st           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                            300p (£1860.00)

2nd          RE Miller, West Farm                              330p (£2072.40)

3rd           RE Miller, West Farm                              290p (£1844.40)

Limousin Heifer Unhaltered(650 + kg)

1st           AE&VJ Errington, Beck House               370p (£2382.80)

2nd          JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                            260p (£1794.00)

3rd           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                            300p (£1908.00)

British Blue Steer Unhaltered

1st           GW Whitfield & Sons, Low Stowbank       250p (£1385.00)

2nd          P&A Jarman, Brow Top                                212p (£1076.96)

British Blue Heifer Unhaltered

1st           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                   300p (£1698.00)

2nd          JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                   260p (£1528.80)

3rd           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                  278p (£1612.40)

Native Breed Steer

1st           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                    260p (£1742.00)


Native Breed Heifer

1st           JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                 255p (£1443.30)


Champion – AE&VJ Errington, Beck House – 1st prize Limousin heifer (heavy weight section)

Reserve – KD Harryman, Keskadale – 1st prize Limousin heifer (light weight section)

Top Prices

Heifer (pence per kilo):- Limousin- 380, 320 Keskadale, 370 Beckhouse Farm, 330 West Farm, 320, 302, 300 x2, 295, 292 Loughrigg. British Blue:- 300, 278, 260 Loughrigg, 265 West Farm. Aberdeen Angus:- 255 Loughrigg. Charolais:- 186 Brow Top Farm.

Heifer (£ per head):- Limousin- 2382.80 Beckhouse Farm, 2120.40 Keskadale, 2072.40, 1844.40 West Farm, 1908.00, 1860.00, 1856.00, 1822.08, 1794.00 Loughrigg, 1798 Low Stowbank. British Blue:- 1698.00, 1612.40, 1528.80 Loughrigg, 1576.75 West Farm. Aberdeen Angus:-1443.30 Loughrigg. Charolais:- 1223.88 Brow Top Farm.

Steer (pence per kilo):- Galloway- 260 Loughrigg. Limousin:- 258, 252, 242 Loughrigg, 240 Beckhouse Farm. British Blue:- 250 Low Stowbank, 212 Brow Top Farm.

Steer (£ per head):- Limousin:- 1784.16, 1679.48, 1651.20 Loughrigg, 1603.20 Beckhouse Farm. Galloway:- 1742.00 Loughrigg. British Blue:- 1385.00 Low Stowbank, 1076.96 Brow Top Farm.


L-R – Kerryl Steel, Steven Brown – Sponsors Armstrong Watson, Edward Errington – Vendor, Kirsty Graham – Sponsors Carrs Billington, Philip Jackson – Sponsors Bluefin.




The Christmas prime lamb section was very well supported with quality on show truly exceptional.

Chris Wright of Boston with a reputation of looking for the very best judged impeccably taking his time and handling every pair with care.

He awarded a pair of terrific Texel lambs show by Mr Bill Skelton, Rook Farm Champion which later sold for £220 (415 pence per kilo) purchased by WilsonWillis Butcher of Cleator Moor. Bill received the Mitchells Auction Trophy and £100 cash which was kindly sponsored by Hundith Hill Hotel.

Mr Bill Skelton also scooped the Reserve Champion honours with his Beltex lambs which weighed 39kg and sold for 287 pence per kilo (£112) and purchased by C Wright, Boston.

The young handler for 2017 Christmas show was awarded to Zoe Sanderson, Swallowdene with a Beltex lamb at 46kg selling to Haighs Butchers of Workington for £155.

Reserve young handler was Any Sewell, Mayfield again with a Beltex lamb weighing 45kg and was purchased by W Lindsay & Son, Butchers of Cockermouth for £132.

Christmas lamb trade was very satisfactory with all local butchers and travelled butchers bidding freely until the last lot went through the ring.


L-R – Chris Wright – Judge, Sandra Taylor – Sponsors Hundith Hill, Bill Skelton – Vendor





Prize Winners

Pair of Texel Lambs

1st           W Skelton, Rook Farm                   £220

2nd          RE Miller, West Farm                     £135

3rd           W Skelton, Rook Farm                   £140

Pair of Beltex Lambs

1st           W Skelton, Rook Farm                     £112

2nd          WS Jackson, Nook Farm                  £145

3rd           S&JL Sanderson, Swallowdene         £140

Pair of Any Other Continental Lamb

1st           GS&B Barwise, Bell House                    £85

2nd          W&M Nixon, Birdekirk                         £76

3rd           MJ Lawson, Pasture House                 £76

Pen of 5 Mules

1st           A Fearon, Kirkland House                     £75

2nd          JA&CM Brown, Park House                  £71

3rd           P&PI Walker, Beech Croft                    £77


Pen of 5 Swaledales

1st           A Gill, Newlands Farm                           £69

2nd          GS&B Barwise, Bell House                   £61.50

3rd           A Gill, Newlands Farm                           £60

Pen of 5 Continental X Hill

1st           A&L Gott, Prospect House Farm               £70

2nd          A&L Gott, Prospect House Farm               £70

3rd           E Barwise, Bell House                                 £74

Young Handlers Under 8

1st           Zoe Sanderson, Swallowdene                    £155

2nd          Rebecka Marrs, Park House                      £132

3rd           James Harryman, Keskadale                    £200

Young Handlers 8-11 Years

1st           Adam Gott, Prospect House Farm            £120

2nd          Chris Gott, Prospect House Farm             £118

3rd           Kate Sewell, Mayfield                                  £118

Young Handlers 12-16 Years

1st           Amy Sewell, Mayfield                                  £132

2nd          Ben Park, Nook Farm                                   £122

3rd           Kyle Fell, Stockhill                                       £75

Overall Champion – W Skelton, Rook Farm

Reserve Champion – W Skelton, Rook Farm



Young Handlers Champion – Zoe Sanderson, Swallowdene

Young Handlers Reserve Champion – Amy Sewell, Mayfield



Champion Young Handler – Zoe Sanderson, Swallowdene


Top Prices

Pence per kilo:- Beltex- 425.50, 293.30 Keskadale, 337.00, 297.90 Swallowdene, 329.50 Nook Farm, 293.30 Mayfield, 291.70, 287.20 Rook Farm, 284.00 Parkhouse, 276.50 Hillgreen. Texel- 415.10, 280.00 Rook Farm, 310.30, 383.90 West Farm, 304.30 Nook Farm, 290.70 East Lodge, 285.70, 281.00 Prospect House, 281.30 Birks Farm, 276.00 Newlands Farm. Berrichon-197.70 Bellhouse Farm. Charollais- 190.00 Birdekirk Hall, 178.60, 174.40 High Bewaldeth. Texel x Herdwick- 189.20, 184.20 Prospect House, 185.00 Bellhouse Farm, 170 x2 Row Brow. Mule- 172.60, 169.60, Pasture House, 156.30, 153.80 Kirkland House, 151.10 Parkhouse Farm, 150.00, 145.30 Beechcroft. Swaledale- 171.40, 164.30 Newlands Farm, 166.20 Bellhouse Farm. Suffolk- 170.70 Grange Farm, 125.00 East Lodge.

Price per Head:- Texel- 220.00, 140.00 Rook Farm, 140.00 Nook Farm, 138.00, 128.00 Newlands Farm, 135.00 Birks Farm, 135.00 West Farm, 135.00 x2 Parkhouse Farm. Beltex– 200.00 Keskadale, 155.00, 140.00 Swallowdene, 148.00 x2, 142.00 Parkhouse Farm, 145.00 Nook Farm, 141.00 Hillgreen, 140.00 Rook Farm, 139.00 Mayfield. Berrichon- 85.00 Bellhouse Farm, Mule- 81.50, 75.00 Kirkland House, 78.00, 77.00 Beechcroft, 78.00, 72.50 Pasture House, 71.00 Parkhouse Farm. Charollais- 76.00 Bridekirk Hall, 75.00 x2 High Bewaldeth, Texel x Herdwick- 74.00 Bellhouse Farm, 70.00 x2 Prospect House Farm, 68.00 x2 Row Brow, Swaledale- 69.00, 60.00 Newlands Farm, 61.50 Bellhouse Farm. Suffolk- 70.00 Grange Farm.


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