Sale Report: Monday 3rd December 2018 – Christmas Primestock Show & Sale

On Monday 3rd December, Mitchell’s livestock auctioneers and valuers held their Annual Christmas prize show and sale of 94 cattle and 200 butchers lambs.

This sale was kindly sponsored by Carrs Billington Ltd, Dodd & Co Accountants, Hundith Hill Hotel, JELF and Brockbank solicitors.

Claire Cropper and John Mellin of Mill House Farm, Long Preston travelled to judge the cattle section. Which in many people’s eyes was seen to be the best show of prime butchers cattle for sometime at this renowned sale.

Claire and John done an outstanding job, looking at every beast with respect and time.

After two hours of judging the championship was awarded to the haltered British Blue Heifer owned by RE Miller, West Farm, Aspatria. They received the Mitchells silver challenge cup plus £400 cash and to there delight an extra £500 as she was purchased from Mitchells Mart, being bred by Tony Sharp.

She was later sold for 440 ppk, 614kg, £2701.60 and purchased by Haighs Workington Ltd.

Reserve honours was another outstanding butchers animal, this being a limousin heifer show and bred by G&T Tyson, East House, Brigham. Receiving the Mr & Mrs Peter Greenhill Trophy and £100, plus the limousin society plate. She sold later for 340 ppk, 648kg, £2203.20 purchased by W Lindsay & Sons, Station Street, Cockermouth to celebrate their 150 years in business.

With a packed ring of both buyers and farmers to fully appreciate the quality of stock which was on offer. Trade was very acceptable throughout with this date fully in the minds of all surrounding butchers and wholesale abattoir businesses for the future.

Prize winners

Limousin steer haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           222p (£1560.66)

Limousin heifer haltered-

1st        M/s Lawson, Hundith House                                                300p (£1980.00)

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           255p (£1586.10)

3rd        T Pearson & Son, High Plaskett Lands                                  235p (£1402.95)

British Blue heifer haltered-

1st        RE Miller, West Farm (Champion)                                         440p (£2701.60)

2nd       T Pearson & Son, High Plaskett Lands                                  300p (£1605.00)

3rd        RE Miller, West Farm                                                              238p (£1494.64)

Limousin steer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                                248p (£1567.36)

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                                  220p (£1509.20)

3rd        M/s Lawson, Hundith House                                                      230p (£1547.90)

Limousin heifer un haltered (500-570kg)-

1st        M/s Lawson, Hundith House                                                     275p (£1441.00)

2nd       BW Hewitson, Shatton Lodge                                                    270p (£1336.50)

3rd        T Pearson & Son, High Plaskett Lands                                  238p (£1318.52)

Limousin heifer un haltered (571-600kg)-

1st        RE Miller, West Farm                                                              265p (£1584.70)

2nd       T Pearson & Son, High Plaskett Lands                                  242p (£1384.24)

3rd        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           250p (£1427.50)

Limousin heifer un haltered (601-650kg)-

1st        G&T Tyson, East House (Reserve Champion)                   340p (£2203.20)

2nd       G&T Tyson, East House                                                          250p (£1550.00)

3rd        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           240p (£1555.20)

Limousin heifer un haltered (651-700kg)-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           235p (£1541.60)

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           240p (£1596.00)

3rd        AE&VJ Errington, Beck House                                            198p (£1437.48)

British Blue steer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           215p (£1444.80)

British Blue heifer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           270p (£1641.60)

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           220p (£1377.20)

3rd        M/s Bowe, Hunday Farm                                                       219p (£1362.18)

Charolais steer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           210p (£1583.40)

Charolais heifer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                            230p (£1481.20)

2nd       M/s Bowe, Hunday Farm                                                       227p (£1448.26)

3rd        T Pearson & Son, High Plaskett Lands                                  218p (£1403.92)

Any other continental steer un haltered-

1st        M/s Bowe, Hunday Farm                                                       230p (£1476.60)

Any other continental heifer un haltered-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           235p (£1377.10)

Native breed steer-

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           222p (£1276.50)

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                                                           230p (£1311.00)


Champion- RE Miller, West Farm – 1st prize British Blue Haltered Heifer

Reserve Champion- G&T Tyson, East House- 1st prize Limousin Heifer Un Haltered (Medium Heavy section)

Top Prices

Heifer (per head)- British Blue- 2701.60, 1494.64 West Farm, 1641.60, 1377.20 Loughrigg, 1362.18, 1219.80 Hunday Farm.  Limousin- 2203.20, 1550.00, 1541.60 East House, 1980.00 Hundith House, 1596.00, 1586.10, 1555.20, 1545.24 Loughrigg, 1584.70 West Farm, 1574.40 Shatton Lodge. Charolais- 1481.20 Loughrigg, 1448.26 Hunday Farm, 1403.92 High Plaskett Lands. Blonde- 1377.10 Loughrigg. Galloway- 1311.00, 1276.50 Loughrigg.

Heifer (per kilo)- British Blue- 440, 238 West Farm, 300 High Plaskett Lands 270, 220 Loughrigg, 219, 190 Hunday. Limousin- 340, 250 East House, 300, 275 Hundith House, 270 Shatton Lodge, 265 West Farm, 255, 250 x2 Loughrigg, 250 Welton Farm.  Blonde- 235 Loughrigg. Charolais- 230 Loughrigg, 227 Hunday, 218 High Plaskett Lands. Galloway- 230, 222 Loughrigg.

Steer (per head)- Charolais- 1583.40 Loughrigg. Limousin-1547.90, 1410.00, 1033.60 Hundith House, 1416.36, 1473.12,  1272.00 Hunday Farm, 1567.36, 1560.66, 1509.20 Loughrigg, 1526.56 East House. Parthonaise- 1476.60 Hunday Farm. British Blue- 1444.80 Loughrigg.

Steer (per kilo)- Limousin- 248, 240, 222 Hunday, 248, 222, 220 Loughrigg. 235, 230, 190 Hundith House. Parthonaise- 230 Hunday. British Blue- 215 Loughrigg. Charolais- 210 Loughrigg.


The prime lamb show was very well supported with some outstanding pairs and pens of lambs forward. The judging was in the very capable hands of two great stock persons, Rob Garth and Sarah Priestley.

They awarded the championship to a pair of beltex lambs shown by AJ Brown, Park House Farm, which later sold for £190 (388ppk) and purchased by Wison Willis Butchers, Cleator Moor. Adam received the Mitchells Auction Trophy and £100 cash.

Reserve also was won by AJ Brown, Park House with his pair of texel lambs selling for £145 (290ppk) and also purchased by Wilson Willis Butchers.


Young handlers competition this night is something Mitchells is keen to promote as this is our next generation. Again an outstanding turnout of competitive kids (parents) were present.

The champion young handler was given to Chris Gott, Prospect House, Isel with his texel lamb. Selling for £120. Reserve young handler was kept in the family with Adam Gott achieving this, with his texel lamb £108 purchased by Tony Harrison Butchers.

Prize Winners

Pair of Texel lambs

1st        AJ Brown, Park House            (Reserve Champion)                      £145 per head

2nd       RE Miller, West Farm                                                                          £122 per head

3rd        RE Miller, West Farm                                                                          £105 per head


Pair of Beltex lambs

1st        AJ Brown, Park House (Champion)                                                   £190 per head

2nd       TI Bradley, Ghyll House                                                                      £122 per head

3rd        TI Bradley, Ghyll House                                                                      £102 per head


Pair of Any Other Continental lambs

1st        J&K Meadley, High Bewaldeth                                                         £84 per head

2nd       J&M Wilson, Meadow Farm                                                              £93 per head

3rd        JA Mousey, Grange Farm                                                                   £116 per head


Pen of five Mules

1st        A Fearon, Kirkland House                                                                  £76 per head

2nd       A Fearon, Kirkland House                                                                  £78 per head


Pen of five Herdwicks

1st        V&W Steele, Gill Head                                                                       £69 per head

2nd       D&J Wilson, Anns Cottage                                                                £56 per head

3rd        M/s Bland, West Head                                                                       £55 per head


Pen of five Swaledales

1st        A Gill, Newlands                                                                                 £63 per head

2nd       A Gill, Newlands                                                                                 £52 per head


Pen of 5 Continental x Herdwick

1st        JA Mounsey, Grange Farm                                                                 £84 per head

2nd       D&I Sessford, Dalzell Street                                                              £64 per head

3rd        D&I Sessford, Dalzell Street                                                              £58 per head


Young Handlers Under 8

1st        Becka Marrs, c/o Park House                                                                                     £96

2nd       Rebecca Meadley, High Bewaldeth                                                              £80

3rd        Danny Sowerby, Grange Farm                                                                       £95


Young Handlers 8-11 years

1st        Christopher Gott, Prospect House                                                                 £120

2nd       Adam Gott, Prospect House                                                                          £108

3rd        Matthew Marrs, Rose Farm                                                                            £112


Young Handlers 12-16 years

1st        Jessica Walker, Beechcroft                                                                             £108

2nd       Kate Armstrong, Terrace Farm                                                                       £99

3rd        Kyle Fell, Stockhill                                                                                          £85


Overall Champion- AJ Brown, Park House

Overall Reserve Champion- AJ Brown, Park House

Champion Young Handler – Christopher Gott, Prospect House

Reserve Champion Young Handler – Adam Gott, Prospect House


Top Prices

Per Head- Beltex- 190, 96 Park House, 126 Crosshow Farm, 109, 103 Swallowdene, 103 Hillgreen, 102 Ghyll House, 96 Elva Plain. Rouge- 110 Meadow Farm. Texel- 145 Park House, 130 Aspatria Hall, 125, 122 Swallowdene, 122 West Farm, 122 Ghyll House, 122 Crosshow Farm, 120 Prospect House. Texel x Herdwick- 84 Grange Farm, 76 Winscales, 67, 64 Prospect House, 64, 58 Dalzell. Mule-78, 76 Kirkland House. Herdwick-69 The Meadow, 56 Anns Cottage, 55 West Head.  Swaledale- 63, 52 Newlands Farm.

Per Kilo- Beltex- 387.80, 240.00 x2 Park House, 273.90 Crosshow Farm, 247.70, 219.10 Swallowdene, 234.10 Elva Plain, 221.70 Ghyll House, 218.60 Hill Green, 217.00 Terrace Farm. Texel- 290.00 Park House, 272.70 Prospect House, 265.30 Aspatria Hall, 265.20, 256.10 West Farm, 259.60 Ghyll House, 250.00, 249.00 Swallowdene.  Rogue- 211.50 Meadow Farm. Texel x Herdwick- 168.00 Grange Farm, 164.10, 161.10 Dalzell Street, 164.10, 159.50 Prospect House, 155.10 Winscales. Mule- 149.00, 144.40 Kirkland House. Herdwick- 164.30 The Meadows, 148.60 West Head, 147.40 Anns Cottage. Swaledale- 143.20, 140.50 Newlands.

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